Coaching brings together the best components from the worlds of consulting and therapy with the differentiation lying in a distinctive focus on the person being coached and a reshaped future.  

My coaching sessions are designed to help you move to that next level of success. 

You decide the destination, and I will help you navigate the path to get there.  

I will partner with & offer you support but  also challenge you to address blockers and think about issues from different perspective to facilitate the required shift .  
We will meet weekly or fortnightly to start with over a period of three months, to move you toward that goal.

Get in touch today to book your first complimentary session. 

What Can My Coaching Do For You Or Your Business?

I will work alongside your team on an individual  basis or within a group setting to:

  • ask powerful questions to challenge difficult issues,
  • address behaviors and beliefs that derail and hinder growth,
  • assist in goal setting to foster optimal performance,  
  • support and encourage people to discover and map a path of success

What Can My Coaching Do For You Personally

If as an individual, you feel stuck or if  are looking for a change of pace and or direction, contact me to discuss how we can work together to help you shift your focus, change perspectives and discover or rediscover those dreams.  I invite you to partner with me.  

I will:

  • support and encourage but challenge you,
  • listen and listen more,
  • ask you questions to facilitate the change you are looking for,
  • help you to design and adjust goals

so you can confidently step into your tomorrow empowered with the tools and confidence you deserve.  

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I offer free 1 hour consultations to all new clients