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My name's Roanne, also known as Rowie or Ro.  

Good food, music & company keep me in my happy space.  I'm known to be an overly-involved sports spectator and find the comfort and safety of my lounge the best place to engage in this hobby. 

Discerning Solutions has been a dream in the making for a number of years.  

My Values Include: Authenticity, Courage, Wisdom, Balance & Integrity

With a practical, pragmatic, cut to the chase approach, I have a deep and genuine passion for adding value and seeing people discover and fulfill their purpose. This, in addition to  bringing people and their workplaces together in dynamic partnerships that allow both parties to thrive, helps me live out my purpose. 

The employment relationship can be tricky to navigate and I will bring a practical and pragmatic approach to managing risk on both sides of the fence in your workplace.  What does this mean exactly?  Simply put, it comes down to ensuring that you and your team are both able to bring your best to the employment relationship  in order to make it mutually effective, impactful and beneficial.

This passion extends into the coaching space where I partner with and help people on an individual basis, or in a group setting, to bring about change. 

Former Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon McKenzie King, stated that "success often lies not in what you do, but what you stop"  

This powerful quote is a reminder of the need to focus on the important things in life, challenge the inner-critic that threatens to hold us back and reach for those goals that have evaded us to date. 

Whether you are an individual looking for a change or an individual member of a wider team your story matters  - Make it Count.

What are you waiting for? 

Roanne Daken
Roanne Daken

Why Discerning Solutions?

With over 15 years experience in the corporate world, I bring proven success in identifying initiatives that deliver business results including strategic planning, people and culture initiatives, change management and business transformation. I have the ability to identify the links between your business, your team and an individual’s performance to ensure balanced and sustainable improvements in your workplace. 

Within the current climate of uncertainty and change, I will provide a professional, collaborative level of support to help the business navigate significant transitions ahead whilst enhancing individual confidence, self-belief and promoting success. 

With a passion for driving business success, I am invested in developing individuals in careers that are both fulfilling and successful. I will enhance the alignment between your overall business goals, and your people strategy in a way that will lend to the ongoing success of your business as it offers people fulfilling and flourishing careers.

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