How To Write Your Story ... cont

We’re nearing the end of this leg in our journey together and we’ve sure covered a bit of ground over the past 3 weeks!  Thanks for staying the course!

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Let’s get on with discovering how to take control of, own and write our stories!

Today we look at how and why we should:  

I’m sure we all remember Alice and her travels through the astonishing place called Wonderland! Our journey through our day-to-day lives may sometimes feel like we’ve fallen through a rabbit hole, navigating equally odd adventures.  Alice found herself stuck in a hole, with no idea of how to go back and no concept or plan of how to get out.  She did though have a goal and was determined one way or the other to see it fulfilled. Yes, there were tears, there was uncertainty and there was probably a degree of fear -  and we may well face them as well, but we all know by now that no dream comes to fruition without hard work and determination! Let’s keep moving, pushing, expanding, pursuing, writing, reflecting, resisting, defying!

Drinking magic potions, eating weird and wonderful combinations of cakes and mushrooms all saw Alice growing in different ways to suit the environment she was in, to meet her goal of chasing down that elusive rabbit!  I am by no means promoting wandering out into a garden and eating some wild and unidentified mushrooms – that is a risk I’m not sure I want to back!  

Growth starts with an intentional and deliberate decision to do so, as does the decision to remain where we are.  Growth rarely happens by chance nor is it incidental. Whilst the spurts of growth may have been purely accidental in Alice’s case in the first instance, when she discovered the secret of the mushroom, her intentional decision to use this to her advantage and grow to suit her circumstances meant the difference between remaining stuck or moving forward in pursuit of her dreams. And as you may also remember – she didn’t get it right first time! However, when she did, she was able to confidently engage in her dream.

Growth signifies life! When we gift ourselves permission to grow this opens the door to new-found potential, refines our outlook on life, enhances our opportunities. It broadens our horizons, sharpens our focus, widens our perspective – helps us be the best version of who we can be.  With this we are then able to pour into and positively influence and impact the lives of those around us! 

John C Maxwell stated that "personal growth is a great investment".

What he meant by this is that while focusing on our growth there may be a price to pay, but it’s not a price if it yields a return. That’s when it becomes an investment.  

Growth is not a one-off occurrence with a magic formula with lasting results! On the contrary – it is a steady and measured progression that unfolds day-by day. And then we need to establish the habit of growing on a consistent basis.

Our decision to grow brings invaluable opportunities to:

  • Develop and apply wisdom
  • Cultivate and exercise discretion
  • Nurture and practice courage
  • Advance and take risks

It all begins with us saying "Yes!"                                                          

We’ve come to the end of this excursion.  Take a moment to pause, reflect on and review what we’ve covered over the past few weeks!

The concepts which we considered when exploring the benefits of “Dreaming Big” & Embracing Failure still play out here… Plan - do – review - adjust – redo!

 Be encouraged to start becoming today who you intend to be tomorrow!

 To grow or not to grow – That is the decision. 

If you’re ready to start your next chapter and you’d like to chat about this / explore this further now’s the time! Take that leap – follow your rabbit down the rabbit hole.                                                                    

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