How To Write Your Story cont...

Today we continue our journey of discovery regarding taking control of, owning and writing our story!

To those of you who embarked on this journey with me from Day One and stayed on the path – I hope that this excursion is starting to birth in you a new appreciation and perspective of yourself and your innate abilities. I hope that you are one step closer to picking up that pen to start writing your next chapter!  To those who have just joined this adventure here’s what we’ve explored over the past 2 weeks: https://www.discerningsolutions.co.nz/blog/

In this quest we examine some of the possibilities that open up to us when we dare to:

We all have something we’d love to do; we’d love to see happen; we’d love to become. What often stands in our way is the fear of failure! The notion that we could fall flat on our faces often pits itself against and wins over our belief that we are capable of far more than we could ever imagine! What if we were able to reframe this idea?  What if we were to consider that failure could in fact actually help us succeed? What would we do if we knew we couldn’t "fail"?

The development of incandescent light saw Thomas Edison working through numerous iterations of experiments prior to seeing his vision come to fruition. When confronted by a reporter who asked how he dealt with failure, Edison responded “I didn’t fail 1000 times.  The light bulb was an invention with 1000 steps.”   What “light-bulb” idea or dream do you have that you’ve let go of along the way? How would it make you feel to see this come to life?  What would it give you?  What could it give those you love, the community, the nation, the world?  Can you imagine this?

You may laugh out loud at this thought, but really… Stop!  Reflect! Envisage! 

Our successes are not always immediate!  Set-backs, diversions, frustrations, hinderances, weariness and at times even crises may be encountered along the way.  It’s at times like these that we need the courage, strength and tenacity to stop, download, reflect, refresh and try again!

Bounce-back after setbacks needs to be an absolute non-negotiable. Success and failure are often found along the same path.  Defining moments of brilliance are seldom achieved in a first attempt.  Along with Thomas Edison let’s look at engineers Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes whose attempt to create trendy wallpaper didn’t work out as intended but gave us bubble-wrap! James Dyson founder of the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner developed over 5000 models of the machine and faced rejection when attempting to secure a company to license and manufacture his offering.  The result: the creation of his own manufacturing operation and a worldwide household name!

It takes courage, determination and strength to step out of our comfort zones. Celebrating accomplishments along the way should be another non-negotiable on our paths to success!  

Remember to keep people around who will not only encourage and support but challenge and question – people who will dare us to dream bigger, fall harder (embrace failure!)  come up stronger and keep going!  Don’t let failure set you back!  Remember, Dr. Seuss taught us:

The same concepts we touched on last week when exploring the benefits of “Dreaming Big” hold here!  Plan - do – review - adjust – redo!

Stay the course!  Start becoming today who you intend to be tomorrow!

Let's be encouraged to keep going… to own our stories and to stand in our truth.  Let’s stay on this path together…

Let's revisit those questions to see how we’re tracking.

What’s in your hand / heart that you wish you can use / do? 

Where can/could you go if you allow yourself the freedom and space to pursue this?

How can you ignite this passion? 

Who do you need to go alongside you to make this happen?   

When will you start?

I look forward to progressing on this journey with you! 

If you’d like to hit reset or if you’d like to chat about where you’re at, where you’d like to be, how to map the path to get there, and you’d like to explore this further please reach out -  roanne@discerningsolutions.co.nz  | 027 3163011 for a no obligation complimentary session.