Write Your Story

We are all wired with capabilities to go far beyond what we comprehend……. 

But, don't take my word for it! Thomas A. Edison put it this way "If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves."  

How often do we let others’ opinions of us dictate the choices we make, impact our self-image, or contribute to us second-guessing and derailing our potential?  How often do our own opinions of ourselves lead to the same result? 

Shortly before midnight on 2 November 2019, I sat on the edge of my couch in my lounge watching history unfold before my eyes.  The Springboks had faced defeat in the opening game of the Rugby World Cup at the hands of the then defending champions just 6 weeks before. The defeat sparked criticism, disapproval, blame and anger. The winners of that match were openly pegged for yet another record-breaking victory come the end of the series.  However, this was not to be.  Against all odds, the Springboks progressed through the remainder of their pool matches to the final where they defeated the opposition who just the previous week had dealt a devastating defeat to the favored world champs. 

Whilst I may just have incurred a few “unfollows” as a result of the above reminder (I certainly hope this is not the case!) there really is a point to this narrative.
We will all encounter naysayers at some stage in our lives. The important thing is our ability to rise above the pessimism, to dig deep and remember the words of Walt Disney who told us that “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” 

Let’s commit to owning our stories and standing in our truth.  This decision can open new opportunities and lead to a fantastic pivot in the story of our lives that only we can control.  The choice to own and progress or deny and remain unchanged is ours to make and either way the consequences are ours to face.

Let’s take control of, and write our stories!

I invite you to journey with me over the next few weeks as we uncover how to:

There are countless opportunities and benefits for you to explore with each of these steps.

Come along with me.

Some points to ponder over the next week… 

  • What’s in your hand / heart that you wish you can use / do?
  • Where can/could you go if you allow yourself the freedom and space to pursue this?
  • How can you ignite this passion?
  • Who do you need to go alongside you to make this happen?   
  • When will you start?

 If this post has stirred a little curiosity in you, in terms of where you’re at, where you’d like to be and how to navigate the path forward, and you’d like to explore this further please reach out -  roanne@discerningsolutions.co.nz  | 027 3163011 for a no obligation complimentary session.

I look forward to helping you to find new ways to astound yourself!