How to Write Your Story

Last week we set out on a journey exploring the often-overlooked idea that we are all wired with capabilities to go far beyond what we comprehend…

We touched on the frequency at which we let others’ opinions of us dictate the choices we make, impact our self-image, or contribute to us second-guessing and derailing our potential. We pondered how often we allow our own opinions and self-limiting beliefs to bring us the same result. 

I took a risk and reflected on a moment in history from 2 November 2019, that will remain etched in a corner of my heart for an eternity. To those of you who have returned for the second stage of this journey, thanks for following through. To those who have just joined, you can get the first message here: https://www.discerningsolutions.co.nz/blog/post/57845/write-your-story/

Let’s begin now to uncover some of the opportunities and benefits that await when we...

Dreams can move us out of our comfort zone, push us past limitations, prompt us to expand our skillset and persuade us to increase our available resources.  Along with these could come feelings of fear and uncertainty.  And here’s where we are faced with a challenge. Is our desire for the dream sufficiently strong for us to pursue it through and beyond the feelings of fear and uncertainty? What will defying the feelings of fear, and uncertainty bring?  Where will this lead us if we did overcome these hurdles?

Moving, pushing, expanding, pursuing, writing, reflecting, resisting, defying! All certainly sounds like a lot of hard work doesn’t it?   The benefit? We get our prize! Yes - following through on our dreams with the required action will see us reap the rewards. 

If the Springboks had become deflated, and shrunk back after that first deflating defeat back in 2019, if they had retreated, neglected to develop an action plan, if they had not dealt with the uncertainty and associated fears, if they had not chosen to defy the naysayers, the result could have been very different come 2 November! 

When turning dreams into reality, the importance of writing them down cannot be overstated!  For those of us who are more visual or who are simply feeling particularly creative, a vision board is a great way to help envisage those dreams! Either way capture those thoughts, visions, dreams as if they were already being lived out. Start mapping!  Plan - do – review - adjust – redo!

Along the way, we also need to make sure we surround ourselves with people who will not only encourage and support but challenge and question – people who will dare us to dream bigger, fall harder, come up stronger and keep going!

Let's  continue in our commitment to owning our stories and standing in our truth.  Stay on this path with me…

I invite you to revisit the questions I put to you last week.  Where have you arrived in responding to these?

  • What’s in your hand / heart that you wish you can use / do? 
  • Where can/could you go if you allow yourself the freedom and space to pursue this?
  • How can you ignite this passion? 
  • Who do you need to go alongside you to make this happen?   
  • When will you start?

I look forward to progressing in this journey with you!